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Frequently Asked Questions

The FHS 1961 Jukebox has become a World Wide Web favorite.  As such, the time and attention to responding to visitors questions has become significant.  In an effort to provide answers to inquiries, this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page has been created.

Feel free to ask your question by email but look for the answer to appear on this page.

What does it mean when it says "WMG Removed"?
Why is the song still listed on the Jukebox after it has been removed?

How come many of the links have been disabled to the records?
Is this the final version of the New Jukebox?
Will a Playlist play all of the songs consecutively?

How to I operate the New Jukebox?
I want to skip a song that is playing on the Playlist
Continuous play stops on removed songs
Can I start playing from the same place tomorrow?
Can I play songs individually?
How do I find specific songs on the New Jukebox?

How do I navigate in the Players?
How can I hide the videos?
How come the music quality is not so good?
Why is loading and switching songs very slow?
How can I buy these songs?
The music won't play
Why can't I Bookmark or copy
The song I requested was never added
My favorite local group is not represented
The artist is wrong
I see songs later than '62 listed
I can't find a song on the Jukebox
I don't like the visuals when the record plays
I don't know the name of the song but ....
How can I help support this project?
Help US to find ....
Special Recognition


We hope you will like these samples enough to thank the artists - by BUYING their CD's.  They have all brought us so much pleasure through the years with their music...  Let's tell them "Thank You!" by buying their CD's & albums!!!

We want to stress the importance of you actually going out and buying music...  If every one of you enjoying this site goes out and buys ONE CD, it will prove that low-quality sampling sites like this can benefit everyone - the publishers, the artists, and the economy!  You can find a a long list of sources where you can purchase music over the internet from reliable merchants by typing in the song or artist in your favorite search engine - it's fast..., it's safe..., and it's the right thing to do!

This is a non-profit, informational and research web page, meant to be a reminder and sampling of the music we listened to many years ago.  Use of copyrighted material is consistent with the "fair use" provisions contained in Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976; the use of copyrighted material is of a nonprofit, educational nature, intended for the sole purposes of research and comment and does not significantly negatively affect "the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work(s)."

If you want more information on purchasing this music, just click on one of the resource advertisements found on this page and the Jukebox page like the one below.


We have received requests for the following specific songs and artists.  To this point we have been unable to locate copies of these songs.  We need YOUR help.  If you have any of these songs, would you please attach them to an email and send to us for preparation and posting on the Jukebox? Or .... just send an email and let me know where you found it. 

1.  "I Love You My Darling" / "Merangue" by the Beltones ('59?)
2.  "Busy Body Rock", mid-fifties, by The Gadabouts
3.  "Musical Theme from 'Rin-Tin-Tin'", 1955-56, by James/Jim Brown?
4.  "Draggin' Wagon" by The Triumphs, Link Wray Chords(?)
5.  "So Young" by Frankie Lyman
6.  "10 Days in Jail"
7.  "Clap Your Hands" by The Bowmarks, 1961
8.  "Don't Drop It" by Wilbert Harrison, 1959
9.  "Footsteps In My Mind" by Ben Waston (Watson?)
10. "From Beautiful San Jose, CA" by The Four Aces
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We would like to present Special Recognition to the following individuals who volunteered their considerable musical expertise to the betterment of this Jukebox.

These three individuals spent countless hours reviewing, researching, and providing corrections to the details for each record on the Jukebox to ensure a accurate and quality product for you the listeners.  They did this because they love the music and they believe in keeping it alive.

Special thank you to:

Phil Gibson
Brecon Beacons, Crickhowell, Wales, United Kingdom

G.B. Evans
Class of '63, Burlington Rural High School
Burlington, Kansas

John "The Music Man" Karlovich
Ex-of Mobile DJ Show "Travelin' Sock Hop"
New Berlin, Wisconsin

Marvin "Woody" Woodworth
"Invaluable Missing Classmates Sleuth"
Has donated countless hours in locating FHS Class of '61 missing classmates
Midwest City, Oklahoma 

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Question: "What does it mean when it says 'WMG Removed' on the Jukebox?"

ANSWER:  It means that the Warner Music Group (WMG)** owns license rights to the song and that they demanded that YouTube (owned by Google) remove the music video from YouTube.  The reason for the demand is explained in more detail in the third Question below.

**"Warner Music Group (WMG) is home to some of the world's leading record companies, including The Atlantic Group, Elektra Entertainment Group, London-Sire Records, Rhino Entertainment and Warner Bros. Records Inc. The company's Warner Music International, with a roster of more than 1,000 artists, operates in more than 65 countries through various subsidiaries, affiliates and non-affiliated licensees. Warner Music Group also includes one of the world's leading music publishers, Warner/Chappell and WEA Inc., which is comprised of three companies, WEA Corp., WEA Manufacturing, and Ivy Hill. Warner Music Group is a division of AOL Time Warner."

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Question: "Why is the song still listed on the Jukebox?  The record has been deleted by WMG and the link is disabled, why don't you remove the record info from the Jukebox?"

ANSWER:  The record remains listed on the Jukebox because I am an optimist.

If I can think of some other source to find the records and link them, I will do so.

By leaving them in their proper alphabetical location on the Jukebox it will be MUCH easier to relink them and not have to insert and move other records.

I added "WMG Removed" so you know in advance that that record has a disabled link.

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Question: "Hey, What's up with the site?  Half the records are no longer available. If they are not available please remove them?"

"How come many of the links have been disabled on the Jukebox?  Where are all those great songs?"

I am very sorry that a large number of the Jukebox music sources have been removed by YouTube. 

As most of you know, the Jukebox originally provided records from mp3's I uploaded and stored on my web server.  This proved to exceed any and all bandwidth allowances and the site was shut down.

To try to save the Jukebox, we switched the source of the music to Music Videos uploaded and served from YouTube which is owned by Google.  This was working fairly well until:

"Warner Music videos taken off YouTube
Dec 21, 2008

LOS ANGELES (AFP) ó Warner Music Group's videos will no longer be available on YouTube due to a contract dispute between the music company and the popular video-sharing website, US media reported.

Talks between the two firms over licensing agreements for Warner's music videos collapsed last week, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the negotiations.

YouTube warned users on its website that 'you may notice videos that contain music owned by Warner Music Group being blocked from the site' and said sometimes licensing agreements with other companies could not be secured.

'Every day we work with the music community to license your favorite music for you to use on YouTube. But music licensing is very complicated,' the Google-owned video-sharing website said.

'Sometimes, if we can't reach acceptable business terms, we must part ways with successful partners,' it said.

Warner reportedly said it was hoping to resolve the impasse with YouTube.

'We are working actively to find a resolution with YouTube that would enable the return of our artists' content to the site,' Warner said in a statement, quoted by US media.

'Until then, we simply cannot accept terms that fail to appropriately and fairly compensate recording artists, songwriters, labels and publishers for the value they provide.'

Warner, which agreed an earlier licensing deal with YouTube in 2006, is associated with big name acts including Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Linkin Park."

So in plain language what happened is that the "Warner Music Group" (WMG) has bought up licensing rights to most of the recorded music ever produced.  They had originally said that YouTube could share the records in exchange for WMG being able to add advertising alongside the video when it played and YouTube would then pay them a fee.

This worked for some time but like all big business in America these days, the Warner Music Group got GREEDY and demanded higher fees from YouTube to allow the music to play.  When they couldn't reach an agreement, WMG removed every song they had any control over from the YouTube site; and that meant, of course, our link to the songs were disconnected.

I am keeping the songs listed on the Jukebox because the WMG and YouTube (Google) lawyers and accountants may make a new deal and the songs could once again be available.  The specific songs removed by this action will be annotated with "WMG Removed."

I am also racking my brain to come up with some other solution for the Jukebox.  As you can see, many songs are still available because WMG does not own any rights to them.  In the meantime, I am looking for a way to provide another source for the records that were removed by WMG.

PLEASE continue to support the FHS1961 Oldies Jukebox by listening to the records while we work through these issues.  There are still lots of great records available on the Jukebox and more will continue to be added.  This will be a rough time for continuity on the Jukebox while the greed of big business is played out.

Thank you for your continued support.  Please copy and paste this Question and Answer into an email and forward it to everyone in your address book if you don't think the Oldies Lovers know what is happening.  Thanks.

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Question: "Are you really back?  Is this the final version?"

ANSWER:  We are really back but this is by no means the "final version."  As I have said many times before, this is a "living project" and there will be continuous updates and refinements. 

As noted above, the old format for the Jukebox is also back.  It is the familiar Jukebox format and allows you to easily scan the names of all the songs available and simply click on the button to play your choice.  It plays "singles" only but is a great format when you only want to easily access your favorites. 

The new Video Continuous Play Jukebox is available too for playing continuous music from our "happy days."  Keep coming back.  Send the Jukebox address to everyone in your address book!!!  The ONLY correct address for the Jukebox is:

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Question: "If I just click on the first song in a Jukebox, will it automatically play all of the songs consecutively?"

ANSWER:  Yes if you are using the continuous play Jukebox at .  This was the most asked for feature.  Start a Player and go on about your business and listen to these great oldies in the background!  Hours of great music with one click.

Note:  If a record has been removed from YouTube, the continuous play will stop until you select the next record in the playlist.  PLEASE let me know if a record in inoperative so I can fix it.

If you then want to listen to individual (single) records, just click the link to

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Question:  "How do I operate the Jukebox?" 

"Love the music,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can I have it playing in the background while on other sites?"

ANSWER(s):  It's really easy -- EXPERIMENT!!!  Have fun!  Click everywhere!  You'll figure it out and have a great time doing it!!!

Answer 2 is that you are listening to "streaming" music and if you "navigate away" to another URL, you will break the stream.  So the answer is, unfortunately no.

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Question:  "When I am playing the Continuous Play Jukebox, there are some songs that start to play that I really don't like or don't want to hear.  How can I skip them?"

ANSWER:  Just click on the next song on the Jukebox and it will start then consecutive play will continue from that point.

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Question:  "Looks like on continuous play some of the songs have been removed. The player stops when it gets to one of those. Is there any way to get around that?"

ANSWER:  Please let me know if you find any songs that have been removed and I will fix them right away.  I don't have any control over the YouTube deciding to remove it.  BUT .... if you'll let me know, I can find an alternative source or upload one of my own to replace it.

When it "stops" in continuous play, you can always just click on the next song past the one that stopped and it will begin again from there.

I am actively and continuously checking to be sure all the songs play as they should.  I will remove and replace any songs that have been removed. 

Question:  "Can I play songs individually like on the old Jukebox?"

ANSWER:  Sure.  The Singles Jukebox is back.  Just click on the link to:

If you are playing songs on the Continuous Play Jukebox, be sure a song on one Player has stopped or been turned off before selecting a song on a different player, otherwise they will both play at once -- not pleasant!

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Question:  "Can I start playing songs from where I left off yesterday?"

ANSWER:  Sure you can, if you are on the Continuous Play Jukebox.  Just open the Jukebox again and then click on the song you last listened to.  The Jukebox will play the remaining songs in the Player from that point.

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Question:  "How do I find an individual song I want to play?"

ANSWER:  USE THE SINGLES PLAY JUKEBOX!!!  All songs are in alphabetical order.

The names of the songs on the Continuous Play Jukebox are also in alphabetical order isted under each Jukebox Section.  By looking at where the song you want is relative to others on that Player, you can navigate to that group of eight songs in the Player and find it fairly easily.  See the "Navigation" question below.  THE BEST WAY IS TO USE THE SINGLES PLAY JUKEBOX.

New songs that are added will be in yellow on the Continuous Play page and with on the Single Play Selections page, until the next batch is added.

The smoothest way is to switch to the Singles Jukebox format where you can more EASILY find and play individual songs.

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Question:  "How do I 'navigate' within the Continuous Play Jukebox?"

ANSWER:  As stated in an earlier answer, the best way is to experiment.  The Players Navigation icons are pretty common.  If you will click on an icon and then observe what it does or what information it returns, you will soon know all there is to know.

The single best info shown on the Players so you can find individual songs is the relative numbers of the eight songs currently showing in the right-hand menu, i.e., '1-8 of 59', '9-16 of 59', etc.  Also, if you will toggle between views on the menu, you can more easily see the name and artist of the song that is ready to play or that you are looking for.  Here are the controls I am talking about and the resultant views:

(1) These are the records you are looking
at of the total "1-8 of 59"
(2) This is the "view" you are in; showing
(4) Clicking right or left here will show
the next or previous eight records.
  (3) When you are in this "view" you are showing
details about an individual record from the "1-8"
(4) Clicking right or left in this view will move you
one record forward or back.
Note:  You can toggle between views at any time.

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 Question:  "I love the music but I hate the videos!  How can I listen to the music without the video images?"

ANSWER:  Simple, just turn off your monitor or put it in the sleep mode.

There are many videos that I don't care for also.  I will replace them with a single image display over time; a LONG time ....

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Question:  "I loved the music on the old Jukebox.  The quality on the New Jukebox is not too good.  There is lots of scratches and noise.  Sometimes the song takes a long time to start.  I don't like songs that were recorded from TV shows.  Can you fix this?"

ANSWER:  Yes and No. 

No.  I can't fix what is currently playing on the Jukebox.  Most of these songs were recorded with a microphone while playing a record on an old 45-rpm player or even a 78-rpm player in some cases.  Remember -- scratches were a normal part of our listening experience when we were young.  Additionally, the only source I could find for some of the records were recordings from live TV shows.  Sorry.

Yes.  I will replace the scratchy songs and the songs recorded from live TV over time.  Please be patient and eventually you will hear the same quality as on the old Jukebox.  Keep coming back.

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Question:  "The Jukebox is very slow to load in my browser.  Sometimes it takes a long time to load from one song to the next.  How come?"

ANSWER:  Unfortunately we are all victims of the traffic on the internet.  If you have a dial-up modem or a slow processor in your computer, the Jukebox will be very slow.  If you have high-speed internet, a fast processor and a fast modem but your loading and transitions are still slow, it is probably because of the excessive traffic between our site and the music host. 

This traffic jam is particularly bothersome during peak evening hours.  Be patient or shut down and come back later.  This is not an issue we have any control over.  (Hitting the "Reload" icon on your Browser and emptying your cache every time before you load the Jukebox will help.)

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Question:  "How can I help support this project and ensure that it can stay on the web?"

"This site is so awesome.  Where can I send a token of my appreciation?"

ANSWER:  You are right, this web site and the enormous amount of bandwidth required, not to mention the countless man-hours to provide the music is very expensive and becoming more so.

Send an email via any of the email hyperlinks and I will give you an address where you can mail a donation of cash, check, or money order.

The very easiest way to make a donation, is to click the "Make a Donation" button below and send via PayPal. 

Thank you for any and all of your help.  Through your generosity - THE MUSIC WILL LIVE ON!!!

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 Question:  "Would be interested in buying or downloading."  

"I saw where we can buy the CDs to the music you offer on your site. Can you please send me the information of the price and how I go about ordering the CDs?"

"Can a CD be purchased??? " 

"These songs are great...  how do I get them so I can play them in my club?"

"How do I download all these songs for my iPod and to burn a CD?"

ANSWER:  This site does NOT sell any music in any shape, form, or fashion.  The primary purpose of these "samples" is to inspire you to purchase the original or re-mastered music from the Artist themselves or some other legitimate source.  Most of these works of Art (music) are copyright materials and we want to ensure the Artist and copyright holders receive any and all profits their works generate.

The BEST way to purchase the Oldies Music is to simply click on one of the resource ads found on this page and the Jukebox page like this one:


If you are listening to a song from the Jukebox and want to buy it, just go to Apple iTunes,, or to otherwise purchase the music, use your Browser to search for the specific title or artist.  As an example, a search in the Google Search Engine for music +"Young Love" +"Sonny James" returns these sites to purchase or learn more about the song:

  • Young Love: The Classic Hits of Sonny James: Sonny ... Young Love: The Classic Hits of Sonny James: Sonny James: Music. ... This music is the kind of music that I grew up with. Sonny James has an ... - 222k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

  • Sonny James - Young Love 1952 - 1962 (BCD 16373) 6 cd : Music ...

    To many, the first ten years of Sonny Jamesís recording career is summarized by a single hit: Young Love. Thatís not surprising, since relatively few of his ... - 14k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

  • Sonny James - Young Love - NMETV Latest Music Videos and Clips

    Sonny James - Young Love video. YOUNG LOVE written by Ric Cartey and Carole Joyner and ... In 2006, James was elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame. ...

    REMEMBER:  If you download or otherwise "copy" the music from this site, you are STEALING.  The Artist is loosing revenue and you are jeopardizing the very existence of this site.  If you are "linking" the songs from our Jukebox back to your own site you are also STEALING the web site bandwidth and you will be prosecuted. 

    And of course if you are the thief of all thieves like <> who stole the entire Jukebox from our site, karma will take care of you and yours.  Please do NOT visit that web site or forward it to others; it is a Pirate.

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  • Question:  "My Sister-in-law sent me this Jukebox site, and I cannot figure out how to make the songs play, without saving them.  Am I missing something??"

    "Yes, its great, I see them all.... but how do I play the samples??? Just clicking on the buttons, like in the real jukeboxes wonīt do it..."

    "Tried to play some, but nothing happens :-(   What program do I need?"

    "I would sincerely appreciate your feedback.  A friend sent me the link for FHS 1961 Jukebox and I would love to listen to the music but when I click on the songs I get either the 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' or it just freezes up trying to connect.  Is there something I should download to use it.  I have tried several things but without luck.  I am using Vista, and the most current version of IE." 

    "The music won't play.  I get a box that on the blue line at the top reads MMJB.EXE - ordinal not found  under it on the white background it reads ( red button with X )  The ordinal 191 could not be located in the dynamic link library px.dll.  ok button under that.  how can I fix this?"

    "On this new site for the juke box, there isn't anything on it but a white box. The list of songs is under it but no way to click on the titles to listen to the music. Can you send it another way???  (Webmaster:  I told him it took awhile to load the first time and to be patient.)  Next message from him:  "Ok you said to have patience to let it download as it took a long time to come through the 1st time of downloading so I waited 4 hours and still for only a white box where the titles of the music is supposed to be. It still isn't working."

    Gentleman I love the music.  I am having trouble.  The music comes on and plays a couple of seconds and stops loads and plays a couple more seconds.  Keeps on til the end.  Any ideas to correct it?

    ANSWER:  All of the songs on the Jukebox are in various video formats and should play simply by using the play controls on the particular song -- IF you have Adobe Shockwave Player installed?!?!

    If all you see on the Jukebox page are large white boxes, you probably do not have the Adobe Shockwave Player installed on your computer.  Most people already do but if you don't just go to Adobe and download and install the Player FREE.  Here is the download link:

    For the question about the videos starting and then stopping and then starting again, it sounds like a computer memory issue.  You may not have enough memory available to cache the video in advance to smoothly stream the video.  Try emptying your cache before playing the songs.

    Sorry but if they still don't play, I am unable to troubleshoot your computer problems.

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    Question:  "Hi, I wanted to add your site to my bookmarks and it won't let me, it has a pop up every time I right- click."

    ANSWER:  As an added protection to avoid any implications that our site is pirating music or otherwise engaging in infringing on the Artist's copyright such as acting as a P2P (Peer to Peer) site, the ability to "right-click" and download items has been prohibited.  Unfortunately it also prevents other "right-click" options, but it was considered more important to prevent theft than the small inconvenience of manually entering a Bookmark URL.

    To Bookmark the FHS 1961 Jukebox, copy and paste to your Favorites:

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    Question:  "Hang on Sloopy please."  Follow-up:  "Oh me, if you happen to have a copy would you mail it to me please?  I was afraid it wasn't in the right time frame for your great site."

    ANSWER:  This was a request for a song that is not within the time frame served by the FHS1961 Jukebox.  No requests for songs outside the range of 1950 to 1962 will be added, searched, or responded to.  There is way too much work involved in providing the fantastic music of "our time" without trying to be all things to all people.  Hopefully you understand; we are sorry if you weren't "one of our era", you missed some FANTASTIC times, ha.  However ....

    Here is some fun stuff for everyone from any year:  Click here to determine the #1 song when you graduated ... started 1st grade ... the Jr-Sr prom. etc.

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    Question:  "How about some beach songs from the Tams, Maurice William and the Zodiacs and the other Myrtle Beach Beach Club groups.  Donít forget the Hot Nuts."

    ANSWER:  The Tams didn't have their first recording until late 1962.  The Hot Nuts were a cover band (playing other Artists' music) starting in 1969.  "Myrtle Beach" beach club music was just that, local or regional cover bands playing (other peoples' music) in that local area much like many "Jersey" groups.

    The FHS 1961 Jukebox only covers music that was primarily national in nature (main stream, if you will).  Local/regional music groups are not covered nor is music outside the range of 1950--1962.

    "Stay" by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs (1960) is on the Jukebox.

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    Question:  "I see that you have Earth Angel listed as sung by Johnny Tillotson and I thought it was recorded by the Penguins. Was he the lead singer or am I incorrect in that The Penguins did not record it?"

    "You listed Ebb Tide as by Percy Faith but I think it was made by Santo and Johnny."

    ANSWER:  It was common during the 50's and 60's for top singers to put out a version of any new song that was becoming a hit.  As a result, many of the songs of this era were recorded by various artists and even some years later were released by still other Artists.

    We don't know which version you want. We have attempted to only have one version of the song on the new Jukebox just because of sheer volume.  It is not possible to include "every" version ever made so it is possible that your favorite version is still not here.  Sorry but you will have to pick a "second favorite version."

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    Question:  "I asked for a song to be put on the Jukebox and you told me it was 'outside the years' range.  I see several songs there that are later than 1962; how come?"

    ANSWER:  Mmmmmm.  That's a hard one.  Actually it's because some songs we just like regardless of the year!!!

    We are sorry there is a double standard but that is just one of the benefits of being the Webmaster, ha.

    If you requested a song and it was not added it is probably because:

    1.  It is outside the range we service - 1950 through 1962 ONLY, or

    2.  It is a novelty or specialty song, i.e. religious music, funny songs, Christmas music, etc., or

    3.  You did not provide the correct title and artist and we can't find anything close to what you asked for, or

    4.  We're still working on locating and adding it; keep coming back.

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    Question:  "I checked...Take Me As I Am  by ...The Duprees isn't on the songs I got.   Is there another jukebox list?  Thank you this is the most wonderful e-mail I've ever gotten!!"

    ANSWER:  It is on the Jukebox.

    If songs have been added to the Jukebox since the last time you viewed it, you must open the Jukebox page and then hit the "refresh" on your browser to update the page you are looking at.

    Follow-up:  "Hey...I found it .. thanks so much.   This is great!!"

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    Question:  "This site is great!!!  But I don't like the video that plays with the songs.  Can't you change them to something better?"

    ANSWER:  These video songs were all "culled" from the internet and "are what they are," so, no.

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    Question: "i would like (MORE) Nat king cole.  thank you"

    "I am not sure of the artist.  It was a female.  In the late 50's or early 60's.  Note sure of title.  But it went like---- I see the lights, I see the party lights, there red and blue and green, Everyone is in a party dress but you won't let me make the scene.  Oh Mama Dear a looka do you hear----- and so on.  and also female and in this same time period -- Each night I count the stars in the sky hoping that you aren't telling me lies-  If you can get these and post them it would be nice to hear them again."

    "I was looking for a song but can't remember the name or the group who performed it....Maybe you can find it by the following clue: 'You want green peppers, I'll give you green peppers, come into my garden'  I can't remember if it was The Kingston Trio, The Ames Brothers or the Everly Brothers............or any of the above!!?"

    "Is there a chance of getting any country western"

    ANSWER:  This site will attempt to locate records for inclusion on the Jukebox when requested by Title and, hopefully, Artist. 

    Although this is a research site, it is for your research.  Also please remember, we are not affiliated with "Name that Tune" or "Hummm Along With Me."  No requests for music in a general genre or described by the lyrics will be accepted.  No "novelty" music either, please.  Sorry, it is time consuming enough just maintaining the Jukebox and finding and converting songs by titles.

    I strongly request that YOU do the research online or at the Library first and then request a specific song by Title and Artist.

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