FHS1961 Alumni Quiz

What do you know about your great State of New Mexico?
Quiz courtesy of Burr Brackeen
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1) What town is named after the Spanish word for Mouse?
2) Albuquerque lies at the foot of Sandia Peak.  What does Sandia mean?
3) What is the State insect?
4) How old is the still-occupied Taos Pueblo?
5) What famous inventor came to the mountains near Santa Fe in the early 1890s to prospect for gold?
6) Scurvy was a major disease of travelers on the Santa Fe Trail.  What cured that disease when they got to New Mexico?
7) What famous Missouri outlaw worked on the railroads in New Mexico to hide out from the law?
8) Ruins of the Anasazi culture can be seen in what canyon in Northwest New Mexico?
9) What are the largest gypsum dune deposits in the world called?  (They are located in New Mexico.)
10) What is Trinitite?
11) In late November and early December what can you see at Bitter Lake National Wildlife refuge near Roswell?

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